• Alice

The whales of Cape Byron

The coastal walk along Cape Byron has some astounding views, and some brilliant opportunities. The four of us donned our walking gear (and by that I mean trainers) and started across the wooden pathway towards the top. We soon hit the stairs, which stole the breath from our bodies, but once we had ascended the staircase we were quickly rewarded.

The view from the light house was like a watercolour painting, with a pale yellow sun passing over layers of forested mountains. And the sea, stretching far beyond the horizon, covering our earth in a blue film that reflected the sky above it. The light house stood with its beacon shining for the weary traveller lost in the dark. And a compass etched into the floor pointed us towards the most easterly point of mainland Australia.

Just as we started our decent, a white jet of spray sprung from the water, right out in the distance. We paused, and then yelled to our parents slightly further up the hill, as we spotted the pod of whales breaking through the waves. The first time I have ever seen them in the sea, and it stuck with me the whole way down. We spent a little time on the beach, where the sand was smooth and the sea was cold, before jumping back in the van to hit the road.

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