• Alice

Bridge to Brisbane

Our journey through Brisbane has been more than I expected. Most people who pass through here will tell you not to linger, they will say there's not much to do here, not much to see. But the advantage of having family out here, is that you often get to see the parts no one else is aware of. So when we drove up the long winding roads of Mt Tambourine and reached the lookout point, I was amazed to see the open plain of Australia stretching on for miles, with its water holes, it's arid lands, and the great north south divide of the Australian mountain range.

Over the next couple of days, we saw some of the tourist spots of brizzy, including the Steve irwin zoo, where we touched charcoal grey koalas with soft cotton candy fur, and surfers paradise, where the white sand was so fine that it fell off your toes like powder. The eye of south gate looked a lot like London, but this was a city full of beautiful lights and music and reflections on the water. It's the first time I've ever seen an open air pool, backing into a river, backing into sky scrapers in the middle of the city. It was beautiful at night, and a remarkable change from the cities back home.

But the highlight of Brisbane had to be going up to the top of mount coother, to look over the city at night, and watch the changing lights of the world we built long ago.

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